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Killick Martin – The Spirit Of Enterprise

Pioneering Global Trade

When Captain James Killick first went to sea in the early 1840’s, only a few years had gone by since the East India Company’s monopoly control of trade with China had come to an end.

The Globe was opening up to new freedoms in trade, tariffs and navigation. Captain Killick and his partner James Martin recognised the opportunity to play a role in the new expanding world of International Trade and formed Killick Martin & Company in London during 1861.

First operating as a shipping line with over twenty vessels, Killick Martin served trade routes between the U.K., China and the USA. During the next 162 years the company evolved changing its focus to Liner Agency, Ship Chartering, Airline Agency, Insurance and ultimately  Freight Forwarding.

Killick Martin were leading players during the transitional period in the 1970’s and 1980’s when all general cargo shipping lines faced the critical change away from purely conventional vessels into  unit loads and containerised vessels. In their capacity as Line Agents for a number of large shipping lines they helped frame the new structures of the industry and those companies they represented, following consolidation within the liner industry, now form a constituent part of many of the leading  global shipping lines still today.

Killick Martin is truly part of the shipping, transportation and logistics DNA within the U.K. and today their ‘Spirit of Enterprise’ is as strong as ever, as we continue to pioneer in global trade.


Killick Martin – The Spirit Of Enterprise

KM Today

Our 21st Century challenges are not only to move merchandise by any transport mode in a timely and cost effective method,  but also to move information within the supply chain relevant to those same goods. We aim to use our Technology, Infrastructure, Partner Network and Expertise to create a new model for global trade that provides our customers with greater control, efficiency and transparency throughout their supply chains.

As a key member of the logistics driven Atlantic Pacific Group, Killick Martin continues to strive to make the world an easier and more secure place to do your business, since 1850 going further faster for its customers.