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Digital Services

Technological innovation and digitisation is happening very quickly and the management of global supply chains reflects this. At Killick Martin we fully embrace the need for agile electronic interfaces, supported with data mining/management and analytics to bring greater clarity and efficiency to our customers.

Freight forwarding provides the channels by which global trade is facilitated. and as a consequence it’s a basic requirement. We provide on-line solutions which are intuitive, mobile, simple to navigate, and that provide customisable insight for our customers.

We use leading business tools to allow our clients freight to move more efficiently with transparency and control. Killick Martin has developed our supply chain management tool – KM Insight.

KM Insight has been specifically designed to work out of the box, with an easy to navigate set up that has been refined to take less than fifteen minutes to implement. KM Insight enables smaller supply chain stake holders to gain access to the same tools that are available to larger integrated systems. This includes unique analytical tools, along with the usual real time tracking, customisable reports, financial information, milestones, and personal dashboard.


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